3116 Olympic Way 
Auburn, CA 95603
(530) 888-6569​

Be prepared to move! 

Zippers, snaps, buttons, jeans or street clothes do not allow freedom of movement and should be avoided.

Jewelry or watches are NOT to be worn during class. It is best to leave them home or with a parent. We cannot be responsible for lost items. 

GIRLS: Leotards, stretch pants/spandex, T-shirts, workout wear. Barefoot or with gymnastics shoes. NO SOCKS they are slippery on equipment. Leotards are available for purchase at our facility. 

BOYS: Workout wear, shorts or sweats and a T-shirt. Bare feet only.

Hair MUST be tied back. We suggest any clips be placed on the side of the head rather than in the back, which could be in the way when doing rolls.